Historia di Cosmopolitanissimo

Perhaps Cosmopolitanissimo was best felt in 2003 at the Just Cavalli fashion show in Milan.
But Cosmopolitanissimo was founded during a vivid discussion about morality at the 2017 TEFAF
oyster bar while being spotted by an official photographer with an extra-long zoom lens.
Cosmopolitanissimo is a lifelong supply of Acqua di Gio. It’s a weekly scheduled manicure
at a hair salon boutique. It’s wearing stilettos on a monday high speed train and mixing
champagne with strawberries and collagen capsules. Cosmopolitanissimo is an
HR-officer that is also an auntie extraordinaire flower-virtuoso. It’s the Bourriaud effect
meets Norah Jones with a blend of Frank Gehry. If you build it, people come!
If you shout, it people listen! If you repeat, people love it. Cosmopolitanissimo is
wearing a matching emerald pink ring and cufflinks when ordering shots
of Blue CuraƧao for strangers, while smoking Sobranie Cocktail.
Cosmopolitanissimo is both a love letter and spam.
Cosmopolitanissimo is a dad with a sharp pencil.
Cosmopolitanissimo is always Fashion Clash.
It’s Clique Buffet with some drunken spies but lots of lovers.
Cosmopolitanissimo is to see Acne Blazers, D&G Hijabs, Michael Kors purses,
and Hermes tunic sweaters mingle into the night. It's the nineties Berlusconi state of mind
in times of polyamory, collective gardening, and pleasure activism. Cosmopolitanissimo asks: what was
provincial yesterday? What is authentic now? What will be cosmopolitan tomorrow?


Il Consiglio di Cosmopolitanissimo


The executive organ of Cosmopolitanissimo comprises
its president @rasa_el_fabula and her undersecretary @_curious_mark, together with
the board members @elkelente, @_la_flute_enchantee_, @_hey_cocotte and @joseph_beuys_from_the_grave.