The most Cosmopolitan Lounge in Brussels, conveniently located in the Uptown n-Neighborhood of the City is called Penta. It's officially the Go-To Venue for any Chilled-out Enthusiast with Urban Panache! Actually Pentalounge is a Minivers and Penta People are Pentagular! They are not Baby Boomers,or Milennials,or Gen X, or Gen Z or Y, or what ever comes Next. Jeans, Tees, Rock and Roll or just Hypothetical Moralist. Penta sees no Distinction in DNA. Penta's are a greatly expanding Crew of Oddballs and more over wise enough not to grow up. Me Despiachi! They will Never grow up and Attitude is Penta Lounge Oxygen.

On Tuesday 29th of August at 9 pm an Exhibition will open @ Pentalounge for one Night only. The name of the Exhibition is 'Couturissimo' ; a Project advocating the Potentus of Drama, Mannerism and Identity in Table Decorations.